Al-Emtiaz Achieves Victory at the beginning of its journey in the Al-Ahly Ramadan League

Thu, Jan 4, 2024

Al-Emtiaz Achieves Victory at the Beginning of its Journey in the Al-Ahly Ramadan League

Out of the keenness of the management of Al-Montab Bros For Exchange and Remittance Company to support Ramadan youth activities, the company participated in the Al-Ahly Club Ramadan League for Clubs and Companies for the 36th session with a team of the best Yemeni sports players. The Imtiaz Network team began its participation in the 37th Al-Ahly Ramadan Football League, with a valuable victory over the Al-Emtiaz Network team. Al-Orouba, with a clean goal, in the match that brought them together today in the first round of the second group.

The first half ended in a goalless draw, despite the opportunity to score, especially the opportunity of Al-Emtiaz striker Ahmed Dabaan, who was alone with Al-Orouba’s goalkeeper and shot his ball a few centimeters over the crossbar.

At the end of the second half, Al-Emtiaz achieved a goal by scoring a goal through its defender Hamada Al-Zubairi, taking advantage of Wahid Al-Khayyat shot, which escaped the hand of Al-Orouba team goalkeeper Nabil Al-Tashi, and Al-Zubairi completed it with a goal in the net.

The match was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Hamid Al-Montab, and a number of the company’s leadership.